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Erotic Phone Sex

Nite Whispers is classy phone sex, intelligent phone sex, raunchy phone sex, and kinky phone sex for the adventurous male. Our sensual phone sex companions are masturbation guides, erotic pleasure assistants, and fantasy artists. We are prepared to take your phone sex fantasy to completely new heights. If youi've had phone sex before and felt unsatisfied then perhaps you called the wrong number. We specialize in you, your interests, your desires. 

Fantasy Comes Alive

Fantasy is a part of human nature. There are times where our fantasy fuels the intensity of our libido. And due to our animalistic human nature, those intense fantasy thoughts must be extinguished. We can't shut off our imagination, or our creative sexual urges. Most of our erotic fantasies need fulfilled because they demand so much of our attention. Yet often our fantasy life cannot be acted upon in real life. Perhaps we cannot find the right partner for it, or perhaps it is far too taboo for our lifestyle.

These fantasies can enrich our lives, enhance our sexual arousal, and so we masturbate to them alone, in the dark, hidden. We may engage in erotic video or explicit porn surfing, but often we do not find our full satisfaction. Fantasies are as unique as snowflakes, and are difficult to capture in perfect condition.

Phone Sex Number

We Accept All Major Credit Cards

The charges are $20.00 for 10 minutes

and each additional minute is $2.00

Billing is Discreet. There are no connection fees or mailings

Phone Sex

Nite Whispers 1 - 888 - 211 - 5642

You must be 18 or older to use this service

Phone Sex Philosophy

Phone Sex is an intimate experience and we pride ourselves on treating our clients with value. We believe that the free expression of fantasy by telephone is a much healthier alternative to some of the other options that exist. Phone sex allows us to open up and communicate our sexual interests and desires, which is rarely experienced with the people we know intimately in our real lives. We believe phone sex even has a therapeutic quality to it for the same reason. We also believe in "non-judgment" of our clients. Sexuality is such a diverse and unusual topic and we respect that.

Your time will be billed accurately. If there is ever a billing error or question please call right away so that corrections can be made. Nite Whispers bills our clients responsibly and mistakes are unacceptable.

I have many ladies that you can choose from to talk to. They have all the skills to take your sexual fantasies to the next level.

We let you borrow our minds, our creativity, and our sensual voices to aid in your personal pleasure. 

Your daydreams of personalized sexual adventures can be shared with a listening ear and another creative mind that can guide you into pleasure.  © 2002-2016 This website and all contents are protected by copyright law.