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Shower Time Sex

Shower Time Sex


Dell hated working on holidays, away from home, all alone, and bored stiff, not a very pleasant way to spend Christmas day, and worse yet, the surroundings really sucked, seeing as he was a deputy sheriff of Hall County, and had jail duty for the day. Someone had to man the phones and watch the prisoners, well that should be “prisoner” as there was only one inmate being held in the county jail, and she was doing six months for writing bad checks. “Not a bad lookin’ dame,” thought Dell, “with a body like that, you would figure she would get some rich guy to take care of her!” At exactly twelve noon the front door opened and in came Donna Winston, the wife of Sheriff Winston, with two full plates of Christmas dinner, one for Dell and one for the prisoner. “Thanks a bunch, Mrs. W,” gushed Dell, as he took a deep whiff of the turkey, gravy, and sweet potatoes, “I can see why Bill married you, he knew he’d never go hungry!” Donna just laughed, and in an instant was out the door and on her way back home. Dell unwrapped one of the plates and carried it back to the cell block, where Lila Thomas was lying on her bed while reading an old People magazine. “Got some homemade dinner for ya, Lila,” Dell said, as he unlocked the cell and placed the steaming plate on the small dining table. “Thanks, Dell,” she replied in a grateful voice, “at least I can have a good meal on Christmas, even if I am all alone and in jail!” “Yeah,” he said, “if ya need anything just give me a holler, I’ll be right out front.” Dell then went back to his desk where he sat down to eat his dinner.

It was 10:00 pm when Dell was roused from his nap with the ringing of the prisoner call buzzer, and after taking a few seconds to get his bearings, Dell ambled to the rear of the jail to see what Lila needed, “Probably had to use the can,” he thought. When he got there, she was standing by the cell door with a towel in her hands. “Deputy,” she asked, “would it be okay if I took a shower, I know that I’m not due for one until tomorrow, but I feel really grimy, and it’s Christmas, and I kinda hoped you could make an exception.” Dell knew the prisoners weren’t supposed to be in the shower unless there were at least two officers in the facility at the same time, but well, this was Christmas, and he hadn’t gotten one call all day, so what harm could it do? Unlocking the cell door, he replied, “Yeah, I guess that would be all right, it’s pretty slow out here anyway!” He led the way to the communal shower room and waited outside while she went in by herself. Pretty soon she heard the spray of water and the feeling of dampness permeate the air as steam poured out of the warm shower room into the cool hallway. Lila called out, “Thanks for letting me clean up deputy, I really appreciate it!” Before he could reply, he heard a loud thud and a low groan coming from the shower room. He ran into the steam-filled room yelling, “Are you all right, did you fall!?!” When he found her, she was lying on her back, and holding her ankle. Dell turned off the water and helped Lila to her feet. This was the first time he had ever seen her naked, and to say she was a stunner would have been an understatement! Her full chest had large prominent nipples, and her fully exposed pussy had a thick growth of black pubic hair that tried in vain to hide her full cunt lips. She put her arm around his shoulder and hobbled over to a bench that was up against the far wall. After sitting down she rubbed her leg and asked Dell to see if he thought it was broken. Having lifted her injured leg up onto the bench, Lila’s pussy was wide open and slightly agape, and while Dell nervously checked her swollen ankle for any sign of a break, Lila casually dropped her hand to her pussy and calmly began fingering herself! Dell stood up and started to leave, mumbling something about getting her a towel, but she grabbed him by the arm and pulled him back to her while saying in a husky voice, “Not so fast deputy, it’s been three months since I’ve had a cock, and I can’t think of a better Christmas present than this!” At that moment Dell couldn’t really tell who was in charge, because his hard prick was buried in the throat of the hot little cocksucker! While she sucked on it, she looked up at him with that pretty face, looking all the world like an angel, but totally obscene with his thick dick in her mouth! Through clenched teeth, he groaned and said, “I’m gonna shoot it in your mouth baby, I can’t hold back in longer!!!” Upon hearing how turned on he was, Lila took his balls in her hand and gently squeezed them, as if trying to force his cum into her waiting mouth. She didn’t have to wait long, because seconds later her mouth and throat were flooded with what seemed like gallons of hot sticky cum! Greedily she tried to swallow every drop of the precious liquid, taking care to make sure got every drop!

After blowing his load, Dell’s first inclination was to get the hell out of there!!! If he got caught doing the “nasty” with an inmate, well, let me tell you that he would have about as much chance keeping his job, as a candle staying lit in a hurricane! But of course, he didn’t leave, because as is the case with most men, Dell included, they think with their dicks, not with their brains, so when Lila spread her legs and flashed her gorgeous snatch, Dell did the thing any red-blooded American male would do, he got down on his knees and ate her pussy for all he was worth! He had always wondered what kind of body Lila had hidden under her prison issue, and now that he had a chance to partake of its many wonderful features, he couldn’t pull himself away from it! He just about had Lila on the verge of a hard climax when from the doorway came words that cut him like a bullwhip! “What the fuck is going on here,” an obviously agitated Donna Winston exclaimed!?!

Fumbling with his zipper, Dell leaped to his feet and cried, “Jesus, Mrs. W, well, I was just, I mean, well…….” “I think I can see exactly what you were doing,” retorted Donna acidly, now the question is, what are we going to do about it!?!”

Dell, turning a bright shade of crimson, tried to hide his embarrassment, but to no avail! Donna walked over to the still seated Lila and spat, “And you, you little tramp, I suppose you’re going to tell me that you didn’t have anything to do with this!!!” Before Lila could respond, Donna Winston took her finger and savagely jammed it into Lila’s wet cunt. She probably expected her to act hurt, but was surprised, as was Dell, when instead her head rolled from side to side and a guttural moan escaped her lips! “Jesus H Christ,” Lila exclaimed, “the little slut’s ready to blow her cookies!!!” Now grinding her finger hard into Lila’s dripping vagina, Donna Winston berated the young prisoner with a vicious tongue lashing! Sweat had popped out from Donna’s forehead and Dell was getting the sneaking suspicion that she was getting sexually aroused! It was clear that Lila was now at the onset of a huge orgasm, and the verbal abuse coupled with Donna’s fingering were taking its toll! When her clit finally reached its climax, Lila screamed in wild delirium as her cunt muscles contracted around Donna’s finger! Forgetting who was watching, Donna put her juice cover fingers to her lips and licked them clean. Seeing this was all the cue that Lila needed, so she reached out and put her hand up Donna’s skirt and headed straight for her pussy! Donna teetered unsteadily, squirming from side to side while Lila worked her fingers inside of Donna’s panties. Lila hadn’t said a word since Donna had come into the shower room, but when her finger encountered and absolutely drenched pussy, she said, “Call me a tramp, you hot pussied bitch, you’re so wet you could put out a forest fire with it!!!” Lila then looked at Dell, who had since retreated to the corner to watch the lezzie fuckfest, and ordered, “Take off her clothes, I think she needs a good fucking!!!” Dell started to protest, but Lila cut him off and threatened to tell the sheriff about their little escapade if he didn’t do as he was told. Donna, through clenched teeth, said it was all right, and to go ahead and do it, so Dell shrugged his shoulders, and proceeded to strip the sheriff’s wife of every last stitch of her clothing!!!

Donna Winston was about forty-five years old, but she still had a pretty nice body for someone her age, and while her big tits sagged a bit, after all, she had given birth to three children, so that was to be expected. Lila continued fingering Donna’s cunt, and told Dell to have a feel. “Not as tight as mine, but not bad,” she said laughing while taking Dell’s hand and shoving it into Donna’s dripping slit. Lila looked up at Donna and asked her, “Well bitch, what’s it gonna be, my mouth, or his cock, take your pick!!!” Donna could barely speak due to the fact that Dell was doing a number on her hard little clit, but she did manage to mouth the word “cock”, between her moaning and groaning. “Its the cock,” announced Lila, “take off those pants so Donna can get her meat! With his pants and shorts around his ankles, Lila had him sit down on the bench next to her so that his hard cock stood straight up, all seven inches hard and ready to go. Donna straddled his hips and slowly lowered her juicy cunt onto his hard erection, and ss each inch disappeared inside of her, her cunt had a series of extremely vicious orgasms, one after the other, each one more powerful than the one just before! When his cock was fully engulfed by her womanhood, his dick erupted its cum, filling the big cunt with a ton of his spunk! Lila was sucking one of Donna’s big tits, while using her finger on her clit, to bring herself to another climax! The mixture of sweat, steam, and cum made for an interesting aroma in the shower room!!!

Lila let Donna’s nipple fall from her mouth and thanked both Dell and Donna for a wonderful Christmas present and then continued, “I guess that’s what’s callled a form of advanced “penology”!!!”


Under His Spell

Under His Spell

An Erotic Hypnosis Story

As long as Patrick could remember he had the power, well at least as far back as eight years old anyway. For about eighteen years now, with no real rhyme or reason, Patrick has somehow acquired the power to put people into deep hypnotic trances, and even more extraordinary, he could have them do his bidding, and wake up totally unaware of any of the activities they may have taken part in! Even at a very young age, he instinctively knew not to let on the secret of his newfound powers, it was almost as if he thought that maybe his teachers or parents would take it away from him, and this he could not abide, as he was not one of the popular “in crowd”, but a veritable loner who spent most of his time playing by himself. If he was blessed with something no other child had, well then, that was fine with him!

The first time was with his own mother of all people! She was reading him a story when their eyes met, and right away, even at that young age, he could see that she instantly went into a trance-like state that didn’t go away until he allowed it to. He quickly began experimenting with his friends, with the same result, that a blank far away look. He also discovered that no one had any recollection of having been under his spell, so when Patrick was alone with someone, it wasn’t at all unusual for him to order his subject to do small insignificant tasks just to watch them do it. When he reached his teens, he routinely watched his female friends going to the bathroom, or changing their clothing with no hint that he was even in the room! This went on for several more years, until he reached his eighteenth birthday, a milestone so to speak, in his quest for more erotic adventures! He decided that he would try his power on a total stranger, someone who would not know him in case anything went wrong!

His subject turned out to be a thirty-five-year-old housewife who was struggling to carry several bags of heavy groceries into her house. Patrick just happened to be walking by and offered to carry them inside for her. After giving him a fast once over, she thanked him and told him to put them on the kitchen counter. Once inside, she offered him a cold glass of lemonade, which he eagerly accepted. It was now or never, so when she turned back from the fridge with their drinks, he locked his eyes on hers, and immediately the blank no seeing stare covered her face!!! After nervously looking around, Patrick looked at her and ordered, “Put down the glasses, come over to me, unzip my pants, and suck my penis to completion!” To his utter amazement, this total stranger, almost twenty years his senior, walked over, dropped to her knees, unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock, and took it into her mouth and sucked him off!!! After blowing his load down her throat, Patrick ordered her so stand up and serve the lemonade. After both of them had drunk about half a glass, Patrick had her wake up. This was the real moment of truth because if she remembered, he would have to take off like a scared rabbit, but if she was a blank, he was in like flint!!! He waited anxiously, looking for any telltale reaction that might give him a hint that she was trying to figure what had just transpired. Instead, she just smiled, thanked him for helping her with the groceries, and asked him if he wanted any more lemonade? “Uh, no thanks,” he replied, “I have to be going, I’ve got homework to do!” Homework indeed!!! Patrick fairly sailed home he was so ecstatic with his little experiment! He made plans to try it again tomorrow because, like any good scientist, you had to check and double-check your data!!!

Now twenty-six years old, Patrick was somewhat of an expert on having women do his bidding sexually! He brazenly took all sorts of chances, as much for the adventure of it all, as well as the sexual satisfaction. What really turned him on wasn’t necessarily the most beautiful women either, because they were just as available to him as “plain janes”. What stirred his drink was having women who were, shall we say, unreachable!!! Like last week for instance, at the mall, Patrick saw a young woman with three mall children and her husband. They were shopping together, having a good time, occasionally giving each other a hug or kiss, obviously, they were very much in love, and totally devoted to each other. Patrick decided he wanted her, but would have to wait until they were separated. Finally, the husband went into a toy store with the kids, and mom went off to do a little personal shopping, where Patrick followed at a safe distance and tailed her into a clothing store. In the rear of the store, they were both isolated from the rest of the customers and sales help while Patrick acted as if he was looking at a pair of shorts until his eyes made contact with the young wife. As soon as he was sure that she was “under”, he pulled out his cock and told her to jack it off for him. She nodded dumbly and then proceeded to give him a nice hand job back amongst the dresses. He gave her a thirty-second wake-up call, giving him ample time to get out of the store while leaving her there to wake up with a fist full of cum!!!

While that might seem a little on the cruel side, Patrick loved playing even more exotic tricks on his unsuspecting victims. Once at a party, he caught the eye of the hostess, and whispered that she was to go into the bedroom, lay down of the bed, call everyone in, and masturbate for them, not waking up until she heard the words “oh my god!”. Needless to say, it didn’t take long for someone to say “oh my god!” and she woke up with her fingers buried deep in her pussy, and ten people watching her do the nasty in front of them all! You wanna talk about screaming, she went nuts while Patrick just sat back and laughed with everyone else, with no one being the wiser! Ever been alone on an elevator with a buxom blonde and wondered what her bra looked like? Sure, we all have! One of Patrick’s favorite pass times is to ask women to unbutton their blouses and show him their tits. Easy! Quick! Erotic! After a good look, just ask them to button back up and get off at the next stop. No fuss, or muss!!!

Patrick worked as an insurance adjuster, which meant he got to spend a lot of time traveling around to check on claims. A few weeks ago he was out checking on a claim for water damage caused by an overflowing bathtub. The woman who met him at the door was middle age, about forty-five, but with a full voluptuous body. After entering the house and looking over the damage, Patrick gave her the look and then said, “Take off all your clothes and lay back on the bed.” Without the least bit of hesitation, she doffed all her clothing and lay down, and waited for further instructions. Just then the front doorbell rang, and Patrick went to answer it. A young woman selling magazines started to go into her pitch, but Patrick put her in a trance and had her come into the house. Leading her by the arm into the bedroom, he had her strip, and then climb on the bed with the older woman. Finally making a decision, he had the young blonde go down and eat the buxom woman’s big wet slit. In a matter of minutes, she had a nice hard orgasm right in the mouth of the little blonde cuntlapper! Patrick removed his own clothing and joined the two women on the bed, ordering the older woman to suck him off and the blonde to ride his face with her short trimmed blonde bush. Patrick never tired of this position, having his meat serviced by a good looking woman, while he sucked on a hot juicy little cunt!!! The blonde was squirming all over his face, trying to keep her erect little clit in contact with his tongue. He didn’t know if the older woman was a cum swallower, but in about a minute she was gonna slurp down a huge shot of Patrick’s hot cum! Patrick groaned into the pussy of the little blonde as his pecker let loose with several huge bursts of semen, and while the blonde pressed her crotch hard onto Patrick’s face, her own orgasm ripping through her hot little box. Patrick lay back on the bed and watched while the buxom woman tried on her sexy bras and panties for him while being assisted by the young blonde. Every now and then he had the blonde suck on the older woman’s big tits, what a show they put on!!!

Watching women masturbate in public was erotic and thrilling all at the same time. Patrick walked up to a woman who was sunbathing in her back yard, ostensibly to ask her for directions, but what he really did was give her the eye, and then ask her to reach down inside her bikini and rub her vagina for him. While she was masturbating, he asked her all sorts of intimate questions about her sex life. When she was about ready to cum he had her describe how she sucked off her husband’s big cock! He then knelt down beside her and slipped his cock into her mouth and quickly ejaculated a load down her throat, while reaching inside her bikini and giving her pussy a fast fingering, inducing one more quick hard orgasm. A few moments later he off down the street, leaving the poor woman dazed and confused!

Finally, one day at the library, Patrick was admiring the pretty but aloof brunette working behind the checkout counter. He stopped to ask her a question and received what he considered to be a very snooty answer. A smile flickered across his face, he gave her the eye and asked her to follow him back into the stacks. When they were way back in the corner, he made her strip off all of her clothes and toss them out the window into the alley. He left her there, masturbating contentedly, eyes closed, and not a care in the world! Well, at least not until the head librarian found her and woke her up!!!!




Tara looked in the mirror and admired her slim tan body. 5’7″ tall, 115 lbs., blonde hair, blue eyes, and not a blemish to be found! What was drawing here stare, however, was her chest. No, it wasn’t big by any means, a 34b cup to be exact, nor was it her stunningly beautiful pink nipples. It was really her areolas, which were larger and puffier than any she had ever seen! They were much too large for breasts of her size, but that only seemed to make them look even sexier! It seemed to Tara that a lot of her sexuality was wrapped up in her areolas and nipples, and as they were in a constant state of sexual excitement, it wasn’t unusual for Tara to have her tits sucked at least two or three times a day, and since she didn’t want to get the reputation of being a slut, she usually had her trusted girlfriends take care of her nursing requirements! Tara glanced at the clock on her nightstand and frowned. “Kimber should be here by now,” she thought, “it’s almost seven-fifteen, and that doesn’t leave much time to get ready for school!” Just then the bedroom door flew open and an apologetic Kimber bounced into the room. “Sorry I’m late,” she gushed, “I had to drop my brother off at the sitter!” “Well hurry up,” urged Tara, “we don’t have much time!” “Okay, okay, give me a break, will ya,” Kimber snapped, “I didn’t do it on purpose!!!” Tara realized that arguing would get her nowhere, so instead she walked over to Kim and lifted her chest to her school mate. “My my,” Kimber cooed, “our two little darlings look like they need some attention!” An instant later, one of Tara’s hot nipples was safely in the hungry mouth of the eighteen-year-old suckstress. “She may be a hoot,” Tara thought, “but she’s one of the best tit suckers she had ever had!” Deftly moving from one nipple to the other, Kim expertly sucked and licked the oversized nipples, finally bringing Tara to a nice easy orgasm. “I wish you could show me how to do that,” offered Kimber! “And what would that be,” questioned Tara? “Oh, you know what I mean,” laughed Kimber, “being able to cum without touching your clit!!!” “That, my dear,” retorted Tara, “is not something you can teach!” “Come on,” replied Kimber, “let’s get to school!”

The first three periods went quickly enough, with nothing unusual happening, so Tara was glad that her next period would offer a little diversity to an otherwise dull day. Gym wasn’t usually a class that a senior girl elected to take, as it wasn’t a senior requirement, but for Tara, it offered a perfect opportunity to get her tits sucked! During the first week of gym class, Tara had sized up everyone in her group and decided that Mona, a cute little redhead would do nicely as her fourth-period tit sucker. When she finally maneuvered the young girl into a hidden corner of the locker room, she found a very willing and pliable accomplice! Mona was fairly attractive, but was not very popular with her classmates, so when Tara, a beautiful senior, showed and interest in her, well, she was more than happy to do just about anything Tara asked! By now they had a routine that never varied, both girls would change into their gym clothes, and then slip to the rear of the locker room that was out of sight from the rest of the room. There, Mona would lift Tara’s shirt, unhook the front opening bra, and then gently suck her ripe breasts while giving herself an unbelievable thrill when she brought Tara to her orgasm, and on several occasions, she slipped her hand inside her own shorts and diddled herself to her own climax. After Tara had her cum, both girls would straighten up and then hit the gym, meeting again after class in the shower room. Tara’s high school had a communal shower, so all of the girls showered together in one large room, and more than once, envious classmates would come over to Tara and offered to soap her unique breasts. Having slippery fingers gliding all over her chest was usually enough to make Tara have another, if weak orgasm, and although no one ever said anything, it was pretty much common knowledge that Tara’s chest needed a lot of attention and for that reason alone, most of the girls were more than happy to give a helping hand!

Although she sometimes got a suck job during lunch, since she usually was still satisfied after gym, Tara usually just ate her lunch and gossiped with Kimber about the usual girl stuff. It wasn’t until the end of sixth period that Tara began thinking about getting her tits licked. She was lucky in two ways, because seventh period was study hall, and she could get a pass and get out if she needed to and the other good thing was that she had somewhere to go, and that would be Miss Linder’s room! She was a fiftyish literature teacher who had never married, and whom Tara sensed right away was probably a lesbian. You might call Miss Linder… a handsome woman, attractive in a harsh sort of way, built sturdy, with strong legs and a huge chest. Her hair was always pulled back in a bun, and she wore heavy black-rimmed reading glasses, in other words, your typical Norman Rockwell English teacher! At exactly five minutes past three, Tara entered Miss Linder’s room and locked the door. The teacher was sitting at her desk grading papers and didn’t even look up when Tara moved over next to her desk, and while continuing to grade her papers, she asked in a stern voice, “Is my little one in great need today?” “Yes ma’am,” came Tara’s soft reply, “I need it badly!” Finally looking up, Miss Linder leaned back and said, “Expose yourself to me, child, show me your lovely young body!” In this case, if Tara wanted her tits sucked, she would have to remove all of her clothing as Miss Linder loved seeing the young girl naked, and always spent some of her time sucking Tara’s ripe vagina. Tara had to admit that even though she loved getting her nipples sucked, Miss Linder was an excellent cunt lapper and always made her have incredibly hard orgasms! Also, this was not a one-way proposition, as Tara had to return the favor by sucking on Miss Linder’s big hairy bush, but this didn’t really bother Tara either as she knew that she was probably bi anyway, so what was the harm!

Tara sat down on the desk in front of Miss Linder, spreading her legs, while showing off her body just like the older woman liked her to. At last, leaning forward in her chair, Miss Linder asked, “Does baby want mama to suck on her cherries?” Before Tara could answer, Miss Linder took a ripe nipple into her mouth and sucked on it fervently inducing Tara into making a contented sigh, while gently cradling the older woman’s head in her arms. The old cunt could really suck a tit, and soon Tara’s vagina was leaking juice all over the top of the desk. Sensing that the young girl was getting close to her orgasm, Miss Linder dropped away from Tata’s chest and buried her face into her smooth pussy while her probing tongue quickly found Tara’s erect little clit, flicking at it harshly, making Tara jerk with each connection. Tara cupped her breasts and twisted her pink nipples while she stared down at the woman eating her hot young slit. Her head began to spin out of control as the lust in her clit spread like fire all over her body and a loud groan signaled that the first orgasmic contraction was ripping through her dripping pussy. Over and over again her cunt muscles squeezed together, each time resulting in another orgasm. When it was over, Miss Linder’s face was glistening with the sticky juice that had erupted with Tara’s climax.

Since time was of the essence, Tara hopped off the desk and quickly put on her clothes as she didn’t want to be totally naked any longer than was necessary, just in case someone would happen by and want in. When she was all ready, Miss Linder had taken her place on the desk, with her legs spread wide, and her panties off while Tara sat down in the chair and scooted up so that she could easily reach the teacher’s vagina with her mouth. Miss Linder was breathing hard, obviously turned on by the tonguing she had just given Tara, so teasing her by just kissing the inside of her thighs, Tara waited until Miss Linder forcefully grabbed her by the hair and pulled her mouth to her vagina, causing Tara to chuckle, and then bury her tongue deep into the hairy honey pot! Once Tara asked Miss Linder why she kept her bush so furry, and she said that she had a friend who liked it that way. It didn’t really bother Tara one way or the other, but she had to admit that Miss Linder had the hairiest pussy she had ever seen, but just like all woman, however, Miss Linder had a very sensitive clit that didn’t take much licking to bring her to orgasm, especially since she had just spent the last ten minutes with her mouth on Tara’s vagina! Now it was Tara’s turn to get her face covered with pussy juice and the old woman seemed to have an inexhaustible supply of the sweet liquid, and every day she tried to drown Tara in it! Tara really had to get back to study hall, so she bored in on the “little man in the boat”, and brought Miss Linder to a shuddering climax! It was the same every time they finished, Miss Linder sitting back down in her chair and acting as if nothing had happened, while Tara thanked her for her help and left the room and went back to study hall.

On her way through the halls, Tara’s thoughts turned to her large nipples as her boobs bounced when she walked, and by the time she reached the study hall she was already planning on how she would get them sucked later that night. She knew she was addicted, but if you had to be addicted to something, well, it couldn’t be any better than this!!!




A Female Domination Story

“What the hell am I doing here at this hour,” Carl said out loud to no one in particular, “Man was not made to lift weights at midnight!”

For over a year Carl Nevins had been working out three nights a week at the “Barbell Club”, trying in vain to build up his underdeveloped body. Diets, protein shakes, aerobics, weight machines, and now free weight training, and not much of a visible improvement in muscle development. He had to admit that he felt stronger, but as far as high muscle definition was concerned, well he seemed to be paddling upstream on that one! Even at midnight, there were plenty of people in the midst of their workouts, and most, if not all of them in better shape than Carl. After struggling through a set of bench presses, Carl decided to take a break, and watch the other people stretch and sweat for a while, so after popping open a can of diet soda, he surveyed the room, enjoying the sight of ten women in tights doing an aerobic dance workout. It was funny in a way, because almost all the women doing the workout were either in good or very good shape, while the tubs of lard that really needed it were nowhere to be seen!

Finally, Carl’s eyes focused on a muscular woman doing squats with what appeared to be about two hundred fifty pounds of steel plates. Only in his dreams could Carl have handled that amount of iron, and there was a woman barely breaking a sweat doing at least twenty quick reps! He wandered over to get a closer look and was surprised when she said hello. He stammered for a second, but finally mumbled, “I was just admiring the way you handled those squats, it seemed pretty easy for you.” She picked up her towel, wiped her face, and replied, “Well, I’ve been doing it for five years now and I have a routine that I stick to, by the way, my name is Quincy, but everyone calls me Quin.” “I’m Carl,” he said, extending his hand in friendship. Her grip was more than firm, and Carl felt his fingers being literally crushed in what seemed like a vice! “I’ve noticed you working out alone,” she continued, “and I thought that maybe it would be more enjoyable if we did it together!” “Well,” he stammered, “you are way ahead of me, and I would just slow you down…..” “Nonsense,” she retorted, “there are plenty of machines to go around, and when we use free weights we can spot for each other, so what do ya say!?!” Carl thought about it for a second, and nodding said, “Sure, why not, and maybe you can give me some pointers on how to build up this decrepit body!!!” She laughed an infectious laugh, and gave his arm a playful squeeze, and rejoined, “Okay then, Carl, let’s get started!!!”

For the next hour, Carl worked out harder than he ever had over the past year. After only a few minutes of watching Quin go through her workout routine, Carl could see that he hadn’t been putting in near the amount of effort needed to build his muscle mass. When they finally called it quits, it seemed that every muscle and bone in his body was screaming in pain, a condition that he certainly was not used to! While walking back to the showers, Carl hesitated and asked, “If I could be so bold, exactly how much do you weigh, you are by far the most well-developed woman I have ever seen?!?” They stopped in front of the locker room doors, and Quin replied, Well, Carl, as you can probably tell, I am very proud of my body, and I’ve spent a lot of time working on it, and as far as my weight goes, I’m at about one hundred ninety pounds, with not an ounce of fat!” With that, she was through the door and into the locker room and out of sight. Carl took his time under the needle-like jets of hot water, letting the warmth relax his tired aching muscles, his thoughts, however, were still on Quin and her magnificent body! A lot of guys would be turned off by a woman with such a large muscle development, but for some reason, Carl was really turned on by her over-sized dimensions! As the water cascaded over his body, his penis was becoming erect just thinking about Quin’s body and he quickly grabbed his towel and wrapped it around his waist, and headed back to his locker, where he dressed and then headed off to his car. After unlocking the door and tossing his gym bag into the back seat, he was just about to climb in when someone behind him said, “How about a cup of coffee?” Carl spun around, and was almost stunned to see Quin standing there waiting for an answer!

What Carl hadn’t expected was that Quin wanted to have that cup of coffee back at her place! Carl quickly accepted her offer and followed her in his car to her apartment! Carl settled into one of the three chairs that were around the kitchen table and waited while Quin poured each one a cup. “Cream or sugar,” she asked, pointing to the sugar bowl and creamer in the middle of the table? “No thanks, I take mine black,” he replied while letting his eyes rove over her hard body. He was staring, but he couldn’t help himself, this woman turned him on like no one he had ever met!

They sipped their coffee, not saying anything for a minute or two, until Quin broke the ice with, “You like the way I look, don’t you Carl?” Carl made an audible gulp and stammered, “Did I make it that obvious?!?” Quin then stood up, took him by the hand, and led him to the living room before pushing him gently into the overstuffed easy chair and announcing, “I’m going to work out for you personally Carl, so you just sit back and relax!”

Carl sat there in almost a trance-like state while Quin slowly started removing her clothing!!! Off came her bulky sweater, under which she was nude to the waist! Her breasts, while quite large, were pulled almost flat by the huge development of her pectoral muscles. Her nipples on the other hand were large, slightly puffy, and erect. She did a few poses, flexing her massive arms, then turning around to give him a breathtaking view of her perfectly formed deltoids. Carl by now had a hardon you could have driven nails with, and the bulge in the front of his pants was easily seen through his dungarees. Quin licked her lips with obvious lust at the sight of the outline of Carl’s hard member, her own hands gliding up and pinching her already hard nipples. Next came Quin’s jeans. Now only a pink thong bikini panty was between Carl and what was sure to be a dripping wet pussy. Quin stood with her legs spread wide apart, thrusting her pelvis forward, causing the thin nylon material to stretch hard and tight over her bulging vulva. A damp quarter size spot was visible right where her slit would be, and Carl moaned out loud while staring at the plump vagina straining to escape its nylon prison! Finally, Quin turned around and gave Carl a full look at her hard round ass, covered only in the crack by the thin line of pink cloth, while she tightened and untightened her buttocks, the muscles in her butt flexed up and down. With her back still turned, she grabbed her panties by the waist, and with one hard jerk, tore them from her pussy! Turning around slowly, Carl got his first look at Quin’s clean-shaven lips, above which was a small patch of dark brown pubic hair!

Carl gulped when he saw it, never before having seen such finely developed female sex organs! Her lips were truly a thing of beauty, extremely puffy and full, shaved clean to show off all their natural beauty! What was really amazing, however, was that the tip of Quin’s clit was visible outside her crack! Quin stepped closer so that Carl could get a better look, as he gingerly reached out and separated her lips, completely exposing her clit to the night air! “My God,” he groaned, “that is the biggest clit I’ve ever seen!!!” “Do you like it,” she asked hopefully?!? Why wouldn’t I,” Carl stammered, “you have the most beautiful vagina I’ve ever seen!!!”

For some unknown reason, Quin broke down and began sobbing almost uncontrollably! Taken aback, Carl was sure that he had done or said something to offend her, and he jumped up and put his arm around her and pleaded, “I’m sorry if you’re not happy with me, if it’s anything I said or did, I’m very sorry!!!” “Oh no, Carl,” she gushed, “you didn’t do anything wrong at all, almost every man I meet thinks I’m just a freak and wants nothing to do with me, you’re the first man I’ve ever been with who likes me for who and what I am!!!” Carl was dumbstruck, how could anyone not just fall in love with this incredible creature!?! He turned her to face him, and then taking her in his arms gave her a full deep kiss that told her all she ever needed to know about him! It had been so long since a man made her feel like a woman and not some circus sideshow! In a swift motion, she scooped Carl up and carried him to the bedroom, and as they crossed the threshold, they both laughed at the incongruous nature of what was happening! Quin lay back on the bed with her legs spread wide apart and her hands on her chest softly twisting her nipples, while Carl, never taking his eyes off of her, removed all his clothing down to his shorts, the huge lump straining to free itself. Quin stared at his crotch, and reached out to caress his pecker through the thin cotton, and mouthing the words, “Show me,” and Carl was only too happy to do so!

As soon as Carl’s erection popped out of his shorts, a hungry mouth snatched it out of the air and sucked it in deeply. Loud slurping sounds filled the room as the cock hungry bitch ate Carl’s cock like it was the last one on earth. Carl tried to warn her that he was about to shoot his load, but all that did was make Quin suck on her pecker lollipop even harder! When Carl realized she wanted to suck his sperm, he stopped trying to hold back, and let his dick head make its own decision, and that was of course to empty itself in the hot mouth of the well-muscled cocksucker! As loud as Carl moaned when his cum ejaculated, Quin groaned that much louder, the result of her own self-induced orgasm!

Carl looked down at her crotch to see if she had used her finger on her pussy, but no, she had cum by rousing her clit simply by squeezing her thighs together! Her face flushed with sexual excitement, Quin pulled Carl down next to her and rolled over on top of him. He now felt what a woman must feel like when a man forty or fifty pounds heavier than herself mounts her, which was intimidating, to say the least! Carl ran his hands all over Quin’s upper torso, feeling the hard rippling muscles under her smooth taut skin.

Escape, even if he wanted to would have been totally futile, but ff course he didn’t wish to escape, in fact just the opposite was true, he wanted this Amazonian goddess to take and dominate him the way a man would take a delicate female! The feeling of strength and power she had over him made his penis stiffen like a piece of oak hardwood! Everything about her was hard and strong, that is except for her vagina, which was soft and puffy, and just as feminine as any he had ever touched! She kissed him fervently all over his face, giving him a deep French kiss when his fingers found her erect clit and rolled it back and forth between them. Trying to kiss and talk at the same time, she begged Carl to put his cock into her pussy, but he continued to rub her clit until she finally reached down and grabbed his pecker and guided it into her hot vagina herself! The hardness of her body and the soft squishiness of her pussy were contrasts like night and day! When Quin sat upon his pecker, all the muscles in her body seemed to bulge out, as if she were still flexing them. Carl ran his hands over her chest, taking a moment to tweak her hard nipples, while she rolled her head from side to side, lost in a sexual abandonment that must have been months in the making! His prick felt like a long hard spike sticking up inside of her, and it was apparent that even though she worked out like a man, she fucked just like a woman, and came like one too, her orgasms now coming in multiples, something that Carl could only dream about doing!!! Carl’s penis had now was in control of this fuck, and it viciously pounded in and out of Quin’s pussy like a jackhammer on the loose! The soft tender lining masturbating the big head until it couldn’t hold back in longer, the result of which was a brutally hard eruption of hot cum being spewed all over the inside of Quin’s very satisfied vagina!

After spending a few minutes regaining their strength, they hopped into the shower for a leisurely soap and rinse. Carl couldn’t keep his hands off Quin’s body, and it was very apparent that she loved getting all this attention from a man! Looking at his face, Quin’s eyes again welled up with tears, afraid that her newfound love might use her as a one-night stand. Carl, seeing this, took her in his arms and kissed her deeply, his tongue probing all over the inside of her mouth. When he pulled away, he kissed gently on both eyes lids, as if to kiss her tears away. His hand slid down her body until it rested on her mound, his finger probing for her clitoris. When he found the hard little nub he said, “As long as this is hard for me, this will be hard for you,” his penis now again at full erection! She threw her arms around his neck and whispered into his ear, “Always hard, always for you!!!”


The Ebony Satisfier

The Ebony Satisfier


“What a day,” thought Paula, as she sped down Marine Blvd. on her way to the bank, “it’s just one thing after another!” She knew that she was speeding, but what with the stop at the bank, grocery shopping, and a visit to the beauty parlor, she would be hard-pressed to make her six o’clock appointment with her husband. Drinks, dinner, and the opera, if she could just get through the day, she might even get to enjoy the evening! She wheeled into the bank parking lot and practically ran through the front door and into the main lobby, and thankfully, for once there wasn’t a line, so she went directly to the teller window and withdrew two hundred fifty dollars. Back in her car, she put the big Caddy in gear and headed off to the market, paying little attention to what was going on in the back seat behind her. As she fumbled with the CD player, her blood ran cold when she glanced into the rearview mirror and was stunned to see a young black male pointing a gun right at her head! “Don’t make a move bitch, or I’ll give it to you right here,” he said with a vicious snarl! Paula froze, struck with absolute terror, unable to take her eyes off the menacing presence behind her. She was brought back to reality when he barked, “Watch the road you dumb cunt, you’re gonna crack it up if ya don’t pay attention!” Paula jerked her eyes back to the road and tried desperately to think of a way out of this jam. Finally, she offered, “I have money, you can have it all, just get out, and leave me alone!” He laughed a derisive harsh laugh, and spat, “You rich bitches always think that money can buy you everything, well, bitch, this time it can’t!” “W-where are you going to take me,” she stammered, the cold hard facts now beginning to take shape in her mind? “Just keep driving, I’ll tell ya when to stop,” he ordered, “and just remember, I can take ya out any fucking time I like!!!”

They drove for about twenty minutes, with Paula following the directions her kidnapper gave to her. The neighborhoods were getting rougher and rougher until finally, they were in an area that Paula had never even seen before, let alone having walked through! “Pull over right here,” the young man ordered, “and get out of the car!” They had parked in front of an old abandoned building on a deserted dead-end side street, a street that rarely if ever saw any police traffic. Even though her late-model Caddy stuck out like a sore thumb in the dilapidated neighborhood, the chances of the cops accidentally running across it were slim indeed! With cat-like quickness, the young black man was out of the rear seat and right next to her when she exited the vehicle, and even though he wasn’t particularly big, when he took her by the arm, she could feel real power in his firm hand. Practically dragging her, he leads her into the vacant building and took her to the second floor where he had set up the living room as his bedroom. There was a fireplace for heat, some old broken down furniture, and an old mattress over in the corner. Not very hospitable to say the least! He threw onto the bed and grabbed her purse, dumping the contents onto the floor. He opened her wallet and pocked the two fifty she had just withdrawn from the bank, and then slowly went through her credit cards. He looked up at her and said, “So your name’s Paula, huh, ain’t nobody named Paula anymore,” as he continued looking at the rest of her identification. While watching him go through her things, Paula finally began to settle down a bit, to the point that she asked him, “You know my name, can you tell me yours?” He gave her a quizzical look, and the answered, “Yeah, it won’t do you no good anyway, it’s Lemont, my name’s Lemont!

Paula guessed that he must have been about twenty-five or so, and if you were just looking at him, he wasn’t bad looking at all, but what impressed her the most about him, however, was his cat-like reflexes, he seemed to move with an effortlessness that was truly amazing. When he was finished with her purse, he turned his attention back to her. “Stand up and get over here,” he ordered, all the time keeping his eyes glued to her body. She felt another chill go through her, only this one was sexual in nature, as she could feel his eyes looking right through her clothing. She was repulsed to be sure, but the sexual aura in the room could be cut with a knife. She definitely came from a white bread world, upper-middle-class, never deigning to mingle with the “little people”, and the only sex she had ever had was with her lawyer husband, and they didn’t exactly have the most passionate relationship in the world, in their twenty-three years of marriage, it was normal sex with the lights off, and her hubby on top, so at forty-two, you could say that she had lived a very sheltered life. Now she was standing in the middle of a dingy dirty room, with an obviously unstable young man who had just robbed and kidnapped her and to top it all off, she was pretty sure that he was going to rape her or worse, and for some strange reason, she didn’t feel terrified at all anymore!!!

Lemont walked around her, giving her the once over as if she were a prime head of cattle and said, “Not bad for an old white bitch, what you got hidden under that sweater cunt?” It sounded like a rhetorical question, so Paula just stood there and said nothing. Out of nowhere, the young man produced a switchblade knife and the snap of the blade locking into place… filled the quiet room. “Mama,” he intoned, “I ain’t gonna ask you to take it off again,” brandishing the weapon in a threatening manner! Paula again felt the stab of fear in her belly, but she knew that if she resisted he would take her anyway, and probably hurt her in the process, so she slowly lifted the bulky cardigan over her shoulders and let it slide off her arms onto the floor. She tried to fold her arms over her bra, but Lemont grabbed her by the wrist and told her to leave them at her side. He then took his knife and slid it between her breasts and with a quick motion deftly cut her bra in half, causing her large chest to spill out of the d size cups. The cool air coupled with the sexual tension caused her pink nipples to harden and turn bumpy, while Lemont cupped her tits and tweaked her nipples, which caused her to moan softly under her breath, which of course was not lost on the surly young thug. “Ha ha ha,” he laughed roughly, “like gettin’ your tits felt up do you, well I’m gonna do a lot more than that before I’m through you, now the rest of your things, off with them, now!!!” Paula unbuttoned her jeans and slid them off with one motion, taking her panties at the same time, leaving her neatly trimmed blonde bush now exposed, allowing Lemont easy access to her private parts. He reached between her legs and roughly fingered her already aroused vagina, taking pains to make sure he got a few good hits on her erect clitoris. Paula had never been so humiliated or excited in her whole life! Her husband certainly never made her feel like a slut, and this young black boy was not only making her feel like a tramp, he had a way of making her enjoy it! It was obvious that he liked her body, and even though he was using crude street language to describe it, it still built up her ego to think that she could turn on an experienced street person like Lemont.

Paula was pretty sure of what was going to happen next, but when Lemont pushed her to the floor in front of him, she wasn’t sure she was up to the task at hand!!! He unbuckled his belt and told Paula to take off his pants. With shaking hands, Paula took hold of his trousers and tugged them down. What was left was a tight pair of purple bikini shorts, that appeared to have a large banana stuck down the front! Paula involuntarily reached out and caressed the bulge, unbelieving at the sheer size of it, and without being asked, she carefully pulled down his shorts, allowing the big pecker to spring out of its nylon prison. Paula usually only felt her husbands cock in the dark, but Lemont’s organ was at least twice that size, and while oral sex was never a part of her home sex life, Paula couldn’t resist the lure that the big cock had on her, so she leaned forward and gingerly took the purple head into her mouth and thought, “My God, it’s so smooth and soft, almost like velvet!” She became more aggressive and moved the head in and out of her mouth, jerking the big shaft as she did it. Lemont gave her words of encouragement, and he continued to stand there, content to let the white cocksucker take care of him. Paula couldn’t believe what she was doing! This was the first time she had ever sucked a cock, and she was finding out that it was the most exciting thing she had ever done sexually. In fact, the mere presence of the huge pecker in her mouth was making her vagina drool like a thirsty dog! She hoped he wouldn’t care, but Paula had reached down and was furiously fingering her slit with her free hand, and when seeing how turned on she had become, Lemont could feel his nut sack tightening, which was a precursor to his climax. Paula sensed it too, and all at once felt the urge to suck all of the cum out of this magnificent organ. Her hand became a blur on his shaft, flying up and down at an incredible rate of speed, only matched by the fingers on her other hand that were busy finger fucking her hot slit! The first blast of cum that hit the back of Paula’s throat caused her pussy to contract and send an orgasm ripping through her loins while her mouth was being flooded with hot cum, and that only drove Paula into a higher sexual frenzy!

It was getting dark outside, and her husband would now start looking for her, although calling the police might not be on the agenda quite yet. She and Lemont lay on the bed, with a battery-powered lantern lighting up the room while Paula caressed Lemont’s cock, gazing at it with awe and wonder, never in her life had she been so taken by anyone or anything! To her, it seemed to contain supernatural sexual powers that made her feel like she was a slave to its overwhelming presence! The big cock was now again completely engorged and ready to go, even though only a few minutes earlier it had emptied a huge load into her willing mouth! Lemont gently stroked her hair, and then said, “Okay baby, climb on, take daddy for a ride!!!” With shaky legs, Paula straddled him and let Lemont guide his meat into her waiting cunt, and once the head was in, she slowly rocked back and forth, driving the thick ebony satisfier deep into her tight pussy. When all nine inches were buried to the hilt, Paula sat up and wiggled her ass, making the big penis go in even deeper. She felt totally filled up, for the first time in her life she knew what it was like to be taken by a real man! It felt wonderful to be filled up, but what Paula wanted now was to be jammed, and jammed hard, so she leaned forward and lay her chest on Lemont’s and whispered in his ear, “Give it to me hard, please fuck me hard!!!” Without saying a word, Lemont’s hips began moving up and down, driving his penis in and out of the helpless pussy. “Oh my god,” groaned Paula, “fuck me harder,” she begged, experiencing the first real fucking of her entire life! Lemont’s cock was now ripping in and out of Paula with abandoned viciousness, rolling her over onto her on the back and then continuing his merciless assault on her blonde vagina! Paula wrapped her legs around his back, trying desperately to hold on to her black fucking stud boy, and while she didn’t think it would be possible to cum as hard as she had earlier, as the first waves washed over her, she experienced and even harder climax as her cunt was being battered by this black oversized monster, inducing the most incredible orgasm she had ever had in her life!

While they lay in each other’s arms, in a post-coital euphoria, Paula kissed Lemont on the cheek and informed him she had to leave. He started to protest, but Paula explained that so far she could explain away her absence and nobody would get hurt or in trouble, but if she stayed much longer, the police would surely be involved, and then, well, he could go to prison if they caught him. He nodded his head and told her to go ahead and get dressed. When she was ready to go, he offered her the two hundred fifty dollars he had taken from her that morning but she just laughed and said, “Keep it, Lemont, that last fuck alone was worth two hundred and fifty bucks!!!”


Dreams Can Come True

Dreams Can Come True


Robert had taken the wine glass from her and led her to the couch. Gently undressing her he had pulled her close to him. She could feel his warmth surrounding her as Terrie held him tight as the fireplace flickered in the background. Robert kissed her deep. He loved the taste of her tongue rolling around in his mouth. He relished the warmth of her tanned body and it’s sweet smell. He loved the fact that she had no tan lines anywhere.

God how he loved looking for them though. He felt Terrie’s warm embrace. It was like warm rays from the sun that engulfed his soul. He held her tight around the small of her back as he entered her. He grabbed her ass and squeezed it to devour it in his feast. As Robert went deep into her Terrie arched back in ecstasy receiving his full length. She felt his power and strength draining into her body. His fair skin gave him the look of an angel hovering over her. He had given himself to her totally. Then she grabbed him tight and held him deep inside her as she exploded with desire. She held him tight for deep inside he held her heart.

Terrie woke and could tell she had cried during her sleep. She wiped her eyes dry, trying to forget her feeling from the dream. Kristine peeked in her room. Terrie, have you been crying? I am okay, she replied sniffling. Terrie looked at her, It was just a dream, she said. It was about this guy I met a few nights ago. I seem attracted to him. Why would he pay for a girlfriend when he can have anybody he wants to date? You can’t afford to fall for a guy in our line of work. Terrie looked at the floor. I don’t know but I really feel bad when I fuck him. Why do you feel bad? Hell Kristine, I have been through so much and he is just a normal guy.

When I have sex with him I feel like I am corrupting him. Kristine turned to look at her. Terrie honey, He pays you damn good money to corrupt him. If it were me I would keep him well corrupted. Terrie looked up to her with a smirk on her face. Then she got a sad look. But you don’t feel like I do about him. Terrie began hurting inside. What man would ever want her anyway? She was a low life. She felt like a piece of meat for sale. She could not hold back her tears. Part of the pain of her job was knowing the things she had done that were just plain bad. In the hearts of many, there was no forgiveness for her past. Kristine handed her a Kleenex to dry her eyes. Kristine rubbed her back. It’s ok honey I know just how you feel. As they hugged Terrie’s tears trickled on her friend’s shoulder. Then within a wave of emotion, she sobbed bitterly for several minutes to the point of relief. Feeling the pain had gone for now she dried her eyes.

Robert had opened his eyes with the biggest hard-on he had for days. His dream of Terrie was very intense. Well as some would say he went and pissed it off. When he pulled down his underwear he saw cum spots on them. They were still damp. Then he thought. Son of a bitch. I had a wet dream. The dream was vivid in his mind. He remembered Terrie devouring him as exploded. He saw her arched back as he had buried himself inside her tanned body. The one thing he could not forget about Terrie is every time he looks at her he gets lost in those blue eyes. And he could stay there forever. Before him sat a pile of work on the desk in front of him. A couple of hours had past and he had been working on an account that a financial manager had screwed up. He ran his hand across his pocket and he felt something. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a small blue paper flower. A memory flashed across his mind. It was Terrie. The very first time he saw her just over a week ago. She looked more beautiful than any girl he had ever seen before. She was just standing there in front of the playhouse waiting on her escort. Then just before she got in the car she stopped and looked right at him as if she had seen the best-looking guy in the world. Terrie must have stared at him for thirty seconds. Then someone got her attention and she got in the car. He could not forget her intoxicating beauty.

The buzzer went off in front of him bringing him back to reality. It was his friend Jean. Jean was like a sister to him. They knew everything about each other since they were little kids. She saw him behind his desk just staring into space. Jean sat there for a few minutes just watching him. Then she spoke. Hello, Eddy. Earth to Eddy. Come in. He shook his head and apologized to her. Playing with his pen in his hand he began to tell Jean about Terrie. He told her the whole story. Jean looked at him. Eddy you thinking with the wrong head here. OK, I know that a relationship with her will probably never work out. But if she will let me I want to help her. Jean sighed. I get it you are going to save her from herself, right? Eddy, she is a hooker. Eddy frowned and said, no only she can save herself. But at least I can give that chance. Please don’t call her that. Okay, I will help you any way I can. I will give my full support. Jean knew that look in his eye. And she knew no one could change his mind except Terrie.

Terrie stood on the street corner waiting for her next trick. Somehow it all seemed harder than it used to be with a strange man. But she knew if she kept busy she could ignore her troubles. She had several clients that day. It had been a long day for her. She looked in the distance and saw a car. She could not tell what kind it was. She laughed. She could not believe a client stood her up. That had never happened. She called Kristine to pick her up. She really just wanted to go home. Tomorrow was Friday and she hoped a better day was ahead. It was the night she would see Robert again. She got home and took a long soothing bath. Wrapped in her towel she walked into the living room as the phone rang. It was Robert. How much will it cost if I just want to talk to you and not have any sex? She giggled with a cracked voice. Well, I am willing to negotiate. OK. My place the same time as last week Terrie hung up the phone smiling. For some reason just talking to him made her feel good.

Terrie knocked on Robert’s door. It was a crisp cool evening. The door opened and she disappeared inside the door. Have a seat, Terrie. She set down and relaxed back into her chair. Laying her purse down beside she looks around the walls at the pictures. Pictures lined a bookcase of military services. She saw him in uniform. As she looked at the pictures a feeling of fear overwhelmed her as she saw the Police Academy sign at the bottom in one of the pictures. It’s OK Terrie I am not with the police department. Terrie jumped at the sound of his voice. What do you want? It’s OK. You are safe here. She relaxed again in her seat. Her white tee shirt and jeans fit her very well. I just wanted to talk to you. Do you ever get tired of your work? Terrie, you can’t like what you do. Hiding her feelings the best she could she told him. ÒI do all right. I get to meet lots of people. I visit really nice places too”. She looked at him and forced a smile. Robert, I don’t think you want to be my friend so let’s quit fooling ourselves OK? He sat down directly in front of her and took her hands. My friends call me Eddy. I would really like for you to also. He gave a gentle soothing smile. She looked at him and smiled back. Ok, Eddy what do you want to talk about? I would love to help you find different work. I kind of thought you might be tired of your work by now. She looked at him and laughed. You wanna help me? She sighed and said don’t try to save me, Eddy. Spend your time and effort on someone worth saving. I have nothing left to save. She showed her sadness to him. Sometimes when you do things wrong, you spend the rest of your life paying for the mistakes you make. I don’t believe you. If you lose the ability to love or care about someone, then you have nothing left to save. If you lose your compassion, then you have nothing left to save. But I see a lot of compassion from where I am sitting. I think you care about people as a whole. Terrie, you are not very happy with your job now. Unless someone helps you, you will have nothing left to save. Tears suddenly fell from her face. She hugged him. For the first time in her life, she felt like a human being. Somebody treated her with respect and decency. Terrie held him tight like a person would hold on to they’re the greatest treasure.