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Phone Sex Dispatch Service

Our Guarantee: We guarantee all clients who use our service that no personally identifiable information will be sold, given away, sent out, posted, emailed to anyone, or traded. Committing fraud is NOT covered by this guarantee.

We have a “no refund” policy. Purchases are final. Our minimum price is a 7-minute block of time, additional time is a per-minute charge. There are no exceptions and no refunds.

Your call time is tracked within our call logs, and are billed accordingly. If you feel you were billed incorrectly please contact us right away.

You are solely responsible for watching your own time and what you are spending. It is up to you to keep track of your own time and what you spend.

Cell Phones are not solid telephone connections, and therefore you use them at your own risk. The company is not responsible for lost or bad connections due to your own cell phone reception. You will still be charged for services. Our suggestion is to use a corded landline to avoid problems. Cell Phones are NOT “private”, therefore the company can not guarantee your privacy if you choose to use one.

Due to federal law, no prepaid credit cards are permitted for NEW clients. If you have already established an account with our service, and have already met the legal age requirements then the Manager can approve their use.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason, and at any time.

Calls are not transferable to another party or individual without them being subject to an Age Verification.

Any reported problems with the use of this phone sex service will be investigated, and appropriate actions will be decided upon by the company.

Personally Identifiable Information that is not needed is destroyed. Company records are maintained according to federal law.

Weekly spending limits may be imposed by management if deemed necessary.

Complaints of any sort should be reported to the Receptionist immediately and the management can be emailed by using our Contact Form.

Occasional telephone system glitches occur, and any technical problems on our end will not be held against you. However, these issues are not “assumed”, therefore you as the customer must report them to the Receptionist right away. A technical problem with our telephone system should be noticeable and reported within 2 minutes of a call.

Our Operators do not have access to your credit card information or your information.

We do not direct mail advertisements, promotions, catalogs, or the like to clients. We do not partner with any company that does, and we do not use your information for any purpose other than billing and age verification.

We offer no memberships programs, and we have no reoccurring charges that will appear on your bill. Charges to your account are only done when services are requested and performed.

We hold no responsibility for the unauthorized use of your credit card.  We report all fraud. Copies of our telephone logs can be mailed to you by certified mail if there is a need.