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Our Phone Sex Philosophy

We believe that phone sex is enhanced masturbation with a partner. All people masturbate, it is both a physical and mental relief.

We believe that freedom of expression is essential in the development of our individual sexuality and that we provide a “space” to our clients that assists them in this process.

We believe that Phone Sex should have No Taboos. If you are going to spend your money on phone sex shouldn’t it be open to ANYTHING? We feel that “anything goes” has more value here!

We know after several years in the phone sex business that attractive, intelligent, and professional men DO call phone sex. We know that all types of men call, and we have respect for all of them.

We know that fantasy is normal, and that means all fantasies are healthy. That which doesn’t do harm in real life is perfectly normal! We believe our clients should never be ashamed of what turns them on. That’s certainly how we treat them.

We believe wholeheartedly in fantasy and roleplay but we also feel phone sex conversations can be used for company, sexual discussions, mutual masturbation, and many other things. Essentially phone sex is a masturbation aid. So whether you enjoy or prefer “quickies” or you choose to talk for 90 minutes, we’re understanding and happy to please.

Our playmates enjoy phone sex sessions the most with a little “warm-up” time, some hardcore filthy talk, and then a brief relaxation time with you.

We enjoy talking to all types of men, whether you work as a medical doctor or work in a drug store. You won’t be treated differently based on those things.

We do not judge or expect our clients to be anything other than a regular guy.

We are open to all individuals and do not put callers of phone sex down in any manner.

We believe that having filthy kinky fantasies means that you are intelligent and have a vivid imagination.

We treat this phone sex service professionally, but we don’t take ourselves to be “serious”. Phone sex is meant to be a good time.


Phone Sex
Phone Sex

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Calls are $1.69 per minute

CallĀ  1-888-448-8699


No Connection charges. Simple automated billing by phone. Billing is Discreet and we never mail anything to your home. Your information is kept secure.


There are NO TABOOS. We have No rules, terms, limits, or restrictions on topics that can be discussed. Our Babes talk about anything and everything. Your conversations are not monitored, reported, and your account can never be blocked or banned because your fantasy is considered too "extreme".


Open 24 hours per day and 365 days per year.