Phone Sex Dispatch Service

A live Receptionist is available from 9 am until 9 pm EST 7 days per week to answer your call, set up your billing info, and to transfer you to a naughty phone sex gal at home.  

Billing is Discreet and we never mail anything to your home. Your information is as safe with us as it would be at a retail store. All servers are secure. There are no refunds.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. We do not accept prepaid credit cards unless you are a regular client and have been verified prior or are already in our records.

Read over the website completely because most basic questions are answered here. Get your credit card information ready and handy for your call. Dial our toll-free number anytime day or night.

Listen through the introduction recording which is brief, but it’s going to explain the rates, the billing, and tell you how it appears on your credit card statement. You’ll be connected to a live Receptionist.

The Receptionist will need to collect your CC billing information if you are a new caller. Our regular callers will be kept in a locked file. The information we collect is strictly for billing purposes only and it is thorough to prevent fraud. Your info will be processed which will take a few minutes the first time you use our services.

You’ll be asked if you already had a girl in mind to talk with. If you do not the receptionist is able to give you basic information about who is available. You’ll be directly connected to a babe by our telephone system. She will be somewhere in the United States working out of her own home. We are not a huge corporate service bureau… our ladies aren’t in offices, aren’t using scripts, and they aren’t just “moaners”. These are live ladies with different tastes and personalities.

There are no taboos. We’re not afraid of talk or fantasies and we don’t mind exploring new things. We want to have fun on our call with you so we can’t put limitations to the topics. 

Your information will remain private and confidential. We do not send advertisements out to your mailing address. We do not sell your details, we do not trade them, and we do not give them away.

Should you ever have a concern or problem please use the customer service number or contact form to let us know asap.

Phone Sex
Customer Service
Phone Sex

Phone Sex Babes - PSB Associates - Dispatch ServiceOpen 24 hours Per day

Calls are $1.69 per minute

Call  1-888-448-8699


Billing is Discreet and we never mail anything to your home. Your information is as safe with us as it would be at a retail store.

There are NO TABOOS. We have No rules, terms, limits, or restrictions on topics that can be discussed. Our Babes talk about anything and everything. Your conversations are not monitored, reported, and your account can never be blocked or banned because your fantasy is considered too "extreme".


Customer Service


Should you ever have a concern or problem, bring it to us right away so we can figure out a solution. We believe that customer service is one of our best features. We will always answer a question or try to solve any problem as fast as humanly possible.  


If you have a genuine billing question you can call our office. Customer Service calls are recorded for quality control. We take our customer service seriously and seek a good relationship with our clients.  You can reach our offices at 1-877-280-8336.